The beauty industry is merging with the tech world in a trend that’s inevitable and expanding at breakneck speed.


You wouldn’t dream of leaving your office with the doors and windows unlocked, but the digital age presents a new level of responsibility when it comes to protecting your data – and most importantly, that of your customers.

The right social media channels to effectively target Generation Z

Similar to Millennials, Generation Z are fixated with technology, growing up in a fully digital era, ever-connected to their peers through social media. It’s a no-brainer for brands wanting to engage with Gen Z consumers to build their online presence, utilising social sites used most often by this generation and as resistant as we might be to the trends and behaviours of this young generation, they’re a crucial marketing demographic for the future of beauty. 

High On Tech

How connected consumers have changed the Beauty Industry

A device to enhance retail consultations

Canfield Beauty, a new initiative of Canfield Scientific, the global leader in skin imaging systems, services and products, has launched NEXA®, a handheld mobile imaging device that alone or with its complementary booth system empowers beauty brands to improve the customer experience, enhance their level of service and create an engaged and loyal following through the use of mobile, quality skin imaging technology.

The future of shopper marketing is here

In an era of access anywhere, on-demand information, brands have more opportunities than ever to influence customer’s decision making. One company seeks to make shopping even more empowering and satisfying for consumers and brands alike …


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