Why Esprit Magazine?

Esprit delivers premium target audience

Magazines once created content and targeted consumers like hunters aiming at ducks. In a competitive market like beauty retail hit-and-miss isn’t an option. Brands, executives and key staff need insider information to avoid the why-didn’t-I-know- that feeling. Specialist magazines like esprit are enjoying a strong resurgence because they offer a valuable resource to marketers and b2b partners, allowing fast access to a premium target audience.

In a tight market beauty retailers and brands are looking for a strong, established connection with major influencers as a key to increased profitability. esprit is recognised as the only authoritative, independent Retail Beauty Business magazine in Australia, widely read by custom-targeted subscribers including major buyers, industry leaders, beauty advisors and non-brand pharmacy BAs. Web publishing is often “push technology”– a flat-out competition for eyeballs. esprit’s print model is sent directly to a committed circulation list which includes significant decision-makers in merchandising, marketing, inventory and sales.

Short Circuit

According to a recent Nielsen study, only 5% of Australians believe that price is everything and service doesn’t matter.
With a print-run of 6500 and a readership of 24,800, esprit reaches 4800 Pharmacy Beauty Assistant readers. Beauty consumers value and are guided by knowledgeable staff. With so many brands hard-wired 
to expand market share in pharmacy, bringing products to the attention of such an influential audience significantly boosts sales performance.

Insight Into Retail

esprit has a total focus on subjects and information that appeal to its readership.
In every issue 88 to 116 pages are devoted to profiles of local and international industry heavyweights, what’s trending now, marketing moves, issues affecting the industry, staff training and strategies, brand profiles and the latest industry news, views and launches. Crucial information that helps subscribers to meet share growth goals, keep abreast of competitors and see results.

Far From the Mass Market Crowd

Over 40 major advertisers and advertorial customers, including the major multinationals, consider esprit to be “The Beauty Bible” for its quality, in-depth coverage and accuracy. To gain a deeper relationship with consumers and retailers many brands invest in exclusive advertorials generated by the esprit team, which are also invaluable marketing tools for sales teams, BAs and gaining the attention of major beauty buyers in pharmacy and department stores.

Strong Track Record

Each magazine has a unique identity but certain factors can be assessed. A title’s position against its competitors, the size and loyalty of its readership, the strength of its market and its track record of growth. esprit is published quarterly and with 50 issues, its value and reputation in helping the beauty industry keep up-to-date with relevant and trustworthy information and increase the ability to make money is unsurpassed.

Expert Edge

esprit is edited and written by two of the most experienced international beauty journalists based in Australia – Andrea Ferrari and Elisabeth King – winners of the 2011 and 2012 Star Award for Outstanding Contribution to Beauty Journalism. Andrea is the Managing Director and Founder of esprit Magazine in the UK (1988) and Australia (2004). Elisabeth is a major award- winner for beauty business journalism and is the current beauty/grooming editor and contributor to some of Australia’s largest circulation magazines and newspapers, in addition to publications in the UK and Germany.

The Facts & Figures

Let’s look at the numbers and get esprit working for you.

 Print run
Pharmacy Beauty Assistant readers
84 - 116
Pages Packed with Industry News & Views
Major Advertisers & Advertorial Customers
42 Quarterly Issues since foundation in Australia
Different Approaches to Communication via esprit
Circulation = 24,800+ Readership Estimate
Only Magazine Dedicated to the Retail Beauty Industry




“esprit is a great source of information for everyone involved in the Australian beauty industry. It brings everyone together from supply to retail. In the end we are all there to service consumer needs or create more of them and Esprit delivers this focus across all channels in beauty.”  Sophie Kalofonos - General Manager Beauty, David Jones Limited

“We love esprit! It is a fantastic resource for us to read and share across the team. The focus on the business side which delivers insight into the strategic direction of retail is always an interesting read. esprit also keeps us abreast of the action that takes place behind the scenes at the amazing events that occur in the beauty arena. It’s great to keep us updated with some of the exciting initiatives that are being implemented across the industry.” Susie Bearzi – Buying Manager, Personal Care – Priceline Pharmacy

"For us, esprit Magazine is an indispensable in-store tool. Not only does my team enjoy reading all the latest news from the Cosmetic & Fragrance industry in Australia, but they find it gives them huge insight into the latest trends, new products and promotions and great product information. I know that my team await each edition eagerly, to find out what’s happening out there. Many times I’ve had calls from staff interested in ranging some ‘hot’ new brand that has been featured in esprit.
For me as a buyer, the articles on industry data are invaluable, as are the great training pages. I particularly enjoy the section devoted to real in-store staff and reading their take on their own business and the industry. The magazine is incredibly well presented and while being a serious magazine devoted to the industry also really has a sense of fun and enjoyment.” Angela Shepherd, - Category Manager, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Malouf Group of Pharmacies

“At Terry White Management our merchandise team find esprit Magazine a valuable resource in such areas as domestic and international beauty launches, beauty trends and movement within the industry in Australia. Of particular interest are the interviews with international retailers and suppliers. Our beauty consultants are delighted to be invited to contribute to the magazine’s ‘Beauty and the Best’ pages. Our consultants also find the articles written by their counterparts around the country very valuable as far as sales tips and customer service is concerned.” Dale Bell - Category Business Manager, Terry White Management

Beauty Advisors

“I like that esprit Magazine keeps you up to date with new products and gives you more knowledge about what the products are best used for. This helps me recommend them well when I am advising customers.” Hayley Ingold – Pharmacy Assistant, Chemmart Mall Pharmacy, Singleton, NSW

“I love esprit Magazine because it’s full of interesting articles and quality photos. The more informed we are the better we can pass this information on to the customer.” Lyn Cooper – Beauty Advisor, Priceline Pharmacy, Shepparton, VIC

“I get very excited when I receive my esprit Magazine. I love knowing what’s new and happening in the beauty world! I always refer back to the magazine when selling to customers. I also take pages out and show customers all the good information on products and pharmacy.” Sara Colangelo – Beauty Manager, Terry White Chemists, Kardinya, Perth, WA

 The Brands

“esprit Magazine is a much loved and valued publication by Beauty Advisors and their companies throughout Australia. It uniquely allows all categories of the beauty industry to share their new innovations and product introductions but most importantly for every company to showcase top performing retail beauty team members and acknowledge their hard work and achievements to their peers and the industry.” Mary Hayward – National Education Manager, Coty

For me esprit is definitely the Number 1 Retail Beauty Industry Magazine in Australia!
Each issue is always eagerly awaited by the team at Estée Lauder. We thoroughly enjoy reading everything from the business side – the latest beauty products, new brand launches – to what’s happening in the cosmetics social arena.
Our Beauty Advisors and Counter Managers always feel extremely proud when asked by Andrea to contribute ideas on various topics from excellence in customer service to the latest industry trends. Andrea does a wonderful job at consistently publishing a truly relevant magazine for the industry!” Patricia Jones, National Education Manager, Estée Lauder & Tom Ford Beauty