Aussies are internationally renowned for their grit and can-do attitude. According to the latest consumer sentiment survey from Kantar Australia, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company, Australians are much more positive about the future than they were at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Concern about the health crisis has dropped from 64 percent a year ago to 47 per cent and 40 per cent of respondents said they have not been impacted at all. While only 33 per cent felt that Covid-19 concerns are still impacting their daily life.

Australians are more confident about their finances, in spite of the end of government stimulus programs, notes Kantar. Over one-third (36%) feel more certain that Covid-19 will have no effect on their household income.

Nearly half of respondents – 49 per cent – believe that the economy is on track to recovery and that job prospects will not suffer in the long term.

As far as the retail industry is concerned, 50 per cent of respondents revealed they would be more focused on sales and 64 per cent are paying more attention to price than they did before the pandemic. Discounts and promotions are very important to 45 per cent of respondents.

Australian-made is a strong motivation with more than 60 per cent saying they now pay more attention to product origin and close to 77 per cent revealed they prefer to shop close to home.

The beauty industry has strongly stepped up to the plate, especially over the past few years, to safeguard supply chains, reduce the amount of plastic packaging, increase sustainabilty efforts and expand giving back programs.

According to Kantar, Australians are looking to brands to make significant changes in these areas.

. Over 50 per cent of survey respondents say it is important to them that brands have plans to protect supply chains.

. A significant 30 per cent give preference to brands detailing how they are helping communities and addressing social needs.

. Sustainable and durable products are qualities favoured by 40 per cent of respondents.

. Over one third – 37 per cent – are looking to brands to reduce their use of plastic in products and packaging.

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