Back in 1997, Clinique released its best-selling fragrance – Happy – as an antidote to “90s angst”.

In 2018, the Lauder-owned power brand targeted another generation keen to relieve the stress of a fast-paced life. The company polled millions of its customers worldwide, asking them to describe the scents that made them feel happy.

Five clear themes topped the global rankings – baked goods, flowers, nature, tea and the beach. Hardly surprising because these back-to-basics threads remain very dominant on social media.

Clinique launched six scents in the My Happy lineup, including Blue Sky Neroli, Peony Picnic, Cocoa & Cashmere and Lily of the Beach.

Priced at $35 for 15ml, the My Happy collection focuses on layering two or three of the juices. A concept normally associated with niche fragrances and pricier brands such as Tom Ford and Jo Malone.

In time for Mother’s Day, the My Happy franchise will expand with a trio of new fragrances – Indigo Mist, Baby Bouquet and Cookies & Kisses.

Available from May 2nd, the latest threesome reflect Clinique’s original research for the range of flowers, baked goods and “the tenderness of a favourite lullaby”.

They also continue the tradition of colourful and collectable bottles.

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