Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle may have knocked it off the top perch in leading markets such as the US, the UK, France and Australia. But Chanel No 5 still breasts the tape as the number one selling prestige fragrance of the past century.

Officially launched on May 5, 1921 – the fifth day of the fifth month – the iconic fragrance celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. French movie star, Marion Cotillard, was appointed as the 14th famous face to front the celebrated juice last year, following in the footsteps of Nicole Kidman, Catherine Deneuve and Brad Pitt, the only male to star in a campaign for the venerable juice.

But Chanel No 5 is famous for its list of firsts, as befits its superstar status.

. The first fragrance to be imagined by a woman for women

. The first “modern abstract” fragrance because of its high percentage of aldehydes, which helped its floral ingredients such as May rose and jasmine linger for hours.

. The first fragrance to be named after a female designer

. The first fragrance to be advertised on TV

For true fans, the Chanel No 5 2020 Holiday Collection was an even deeper dive into the love affair with five body products – No 5 shower gel, body lotion, body cream, deodorant and hair mist.

Chanel has just released a new episode on its website to celebrate the centenary milestone of its most famous fragrance from the story of its inception through its global popularity after World War II and its lasting impact on today’s culture.

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