When Social Media Opportunities bring results

January 11, 2017

When Social Media Opportunities bring results

By The Defectors

Social media has changed the world of beauty and fashion forever. While on the surface it looks like it’s just a matter of posting pictures with some snappy text, social media marketing runs a lot deeper than that, with the power to make and break brands, both good and bad.

The huge amount of beauty bloggers, vloggers, influencers and opinion leaders with followers in the millions might get you thinking that launching a new beauty product using social media is relatively easy with soft untapped markets ripe for new products and brands. But actually it’s a noisy, crowded market place in which you need more than a good product and a following on social media accounts to make a beauty brand cut though it all and stand out.

Define Your Audience

Who are you going to be talking to? Spend some time thinking about this. Defining your audience is imperative to ensuring you communicate with them in the right way and using the right channels. While you are always looking to increase sales, social media is also a great opportunity to gain insights from your audience and communicate with them about the product, clearly answer questions and retell your brand story.
A well-executed  social media and communication plan will create valuable advocates.  People who will love your brand so much that they will spread the word about it, increasing your sales indirectly through word-of-mouth or social shares. Nurture these people. Send them products, ask for their opinion and share their posts too - it’s a two-way street.
Mix up your content; slide in promotional and sales posts with brand posts, value-add posts and content that informs, advises and engages.  Consumers on social media are becoming increasingly savvy of when a brand is trying to sell them something upfront and are often rejected for it.

The key is to let people explore your brand, understand it and enjoy it before they purchase. So give plenty of opportunity for them to come back to your social channels, and not leave straight away due to a hard-sell experience.

Know Your Product

By now, you know where your product fits in the market, who your target market is and how to talk to them. Just make sure you’re ready for the questions, comparisons and the unknown.
Know where you might find resistance and obstacles to purchase, beyond social media marketing. This could be price points, packaging, competition or distribution. Be realistic about your product’s weaknesses and strengths. Be prepared for anything.

Tone of Voice

Knowing your target audience will make your job, or your agency’s job, a lot easier. It’s through tone of voice development that you can really start adding value to a consumer’s experience, to understand whether you’re speaking to Snapchat addicted teenagers, businesswomen or sports fanatics for example. Once you have identified that tone of voice, social media will flow very easily.

Forget Viral, Be Consistent & Engaging

There are probably more social media campaigns on these days than ever before. Going “viral” is wishful thinking and may not impact sales or your bottom line at the end of the day. Having a consistent, relevant and engaging message will take you far. Viral is great but cannot be manufactured for most brands.

Boosting Tricks

One of the greatest strengths of social media advertising is its ability to serve ads to a highly targeted group of people.  It also allows you to experiment with different audience pools to find out what content works best with different audiences.  Social media advertising is one of the best ways to invest in a product’s social media presence and reach the right people.
Secondly, reaching out to social media influencers and beauty bloggers will also give you a lot of visibility. Identify influencers who align closely with your brand ethos and are known to your target markets. They don’t have to be the most well-known (and expensive) influencer in the world. It’s better that they are respected by your audience and would be happy to build a relationship beyond launch.

Here’s your reality checklist before embarking upon social media activity for your brand:

  1. Define your target audience
  2. Don’t hard sell – add value and gain insights
  3. Know your product’s strengths and weaknesses
  4. Find the right tone of voice
  5. Forget about going viral - be consistent and engaging
  6. Use ads to promote your message

If you need more social media tips, call The Defectors on 02 9993 0450 or email at joel@thedefectors.com.au. 


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