The Everyday Performance!

February 12, 2017

The Everyday Performance!

By Michael Brown

On a recent trip to London, I strolled through the cosmetic hall of Selfridges and it instantly took me back to my days working on the cosmetic floors across Australia.

There was this buzz that sucked you in and even I - who is constantly around cosmetics - wanted to explore and get involved in the hype of new products, demonstrations, all while having a little kick in my step because of the awesome tunes pumping through the hall.

Now I know that our cosmetic floors in Aus, may not have the traffic flow as that of Selfridges in London, but when I stood back and watched each counter from afar, the ones that stood out were the ones with smiles on the BAs faces, energy and makeup demos.
It made me want to go over and see what was going on, be somehow a part of the hype on those counters, even if I couldn’t or didn’t want to necessarily get my makeup applied, I just wanted to see what was going on and be a part of this beauty buzz!

This all got me thinking… YOU are in control of how well your day will go when working on the cosmetic floor… It’s you that can draw people in, as well as the products and brand you represent.
The counter is your stage and you the performer and with so many brands all competing for consumer attention, it’s important to have a point of difference and an engaging experience. Too many times cosmetic staff are standing like soldiers, creating almost a barrier between customer and counter, now how can that gain sales?

For me, this was an easy thought process, as I grew up as a dancer and performing (or engaging) with customers came naturally. I never went out of my way to recruit customers with product spiels or anything too sales like, because to be fair, is that how I would talk to someone I know? The answer is no!

I would smile, look happy and create energy on every counter I worked on… in the early days all over W.A, then later for six years it was all across the country. If I saw someone walk past the counter with an ice-cream, I would say “Yum, that's exactly what I feel like” and so many times it strikes a conversation and engages into the fact that I am working for a cosmetic brand.

I would create face charts, right near the makeup bar of a counter, so that people browsing could see and I would engage by saying, “Don't mind me, I just love creating new makeup looks.” They’d be in my make chair in minutes.

Think outside the box, have fun with your colleagues, look busy and have actual conversations with people passing by, as not all of us are confident walking up to the bright lights of a cosmetic counter.
At the end of the day, sales are about engagement and that all comes down to you and the mood you project to people around you.

Enjoy your stage and your customers will too!

Photo Credit: Andrew Meredith
Selfridges London, Beauty Hall – the stage is set for activity and interaction!

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