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August 12, 2016

Thin Lizzy Range

Born from the mission to create “the best of the basics for skin”, Thin Lizzy has skyrocketed up New Zealand’s cosmetic brand charts, where it has remained ever since.

It’s become the mineral make-up brand of choice for a myriad make-up artists and its ever-popular 6-in-1 Professional Powder has gained a loyal fan base. Now Thin Lizzy is taking Australia by storm and it’s on an even faster trajectory than NZ. 

Thin Lizzy launched in New Zealand 11 years ago and within three years it was already proving to be an instant hit with beauty lovers of all ages and backgrounds – cementing its place on the cosmetic brand charts. Wendy Nowell-Usticke, professional make-up artist and Thin Lizzy co-founder, explains, “Our first product vision was the Concealer Crème, which underwent 12 months of rigorous testing by an extensive team of film, editorial and wedding makeup artists. Friends and family, no matter what their age or skin type, were part of the testing pot too and it’s thanks to our testers and the positive and honest feedback we received that we could be 100 per cent confident in the quality of the product.”

The brains behind Thin Lizzy, entrepreneur Paul Meier along with Wendy, remain involved at every stage of the process from the initial product design through to the product testing and marketing.

Yet the collective involvement of professional make-up artists has really helped drive Thin Lizzy’s research and development and crafted it into the trusted and reliable mineral make-up that it’s become.

Wendy says: “If a product can work under the harsh studio lights and the environmental conditions that actors’ skin endures - and not cause a break out - then it has to be good!”

Testament to its excellent coverage and staying power is the fact Thin Lizzy has been adopted by make-up artists on popular television series such as Spartacus and Wentworth and for the film The Chronicles of Narnia.

While all Thin Lizzy products are noteworthy, it was the mineral bronzer that became the real hero - and for good reason.

Its advanced and high-quality formula contains crushed pearlised minerals and colour-correcting pigments that feel and look completely natural on the skin. It has the ability to cover redness, hide blemishes and acne scarring, even skin tone and create a luminous glow. In fact, right from the start it had six clear uses. Its ability to work as a blusher, bronzer, eye shadow, face framer, contour and lip colour led it to become Thin Lizzy’s cult product, which was later renamed the renowned 6-in-1 Professional Powder.  Thin Lizzy 6-in-1 one is ranked as the #1 Face Powder in New Zealand and is in the ‘Top 50 Face Powders’ in Australian Pharmacy.*

“The use of contouring make-up by professionals to enhance bone structure and facial features is on the rise with make-up schools in both Australia and New Zealand embracing the 6-in-1 for its colour flexibility, absence of glitter, easy-blend formula and natural finished look.

“Contouring is changing the face of beauty. Whereas it was once a skilled technique used only by the pros on photo shoots, it’s filtered down and has become somewhat of a beauty buzzword,” says Wendy. 

Thin Lizzy is actively seeking retail partners

As a professional make-up artist Wendy Nowell-Usticke understands the importance of using products that do what they promise they will. If your pharmacy wants to capitalise on the growing popularity of mineral make-up with a brand that’s backed by the best in the beauty biz and already seeing its sales soar, contact Wendy today…

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* Aztec March 2016

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