The 5 C's of being a retail rockstar

January 22, 2017

The 5 C's of being a retail rockstar

Today’s consumer has never been more time poor and has never had more choice when it comes to cosmetics – both in brand options and purchase channels. So how do you retail to today’s busy, distracted shopper who is often overwhelmed by choice and confused by the mixed messages they’re bombarded with every day?

Here Amanda Stevens gives us five strategies to consider and incorporate into your retail sales process – strategies to not only improve your sales results, but turn your customers into advocates.

1. Curiosity

As humans, we’re only ever in one of two states – we’re interested or we’re interesting. The temptation to share our product knowledge and professional recommendation – being interesting, rather than interested – early in the customer interaction can actually lead to a negative customer experience. Consumers want to be listened to, heard and understood and the more they have the opportunity to tell you about themselves, the more they subconsciously feel invested and the more they are likely to purchase.
Often, it’s the questions we ask that are more powerful than the answers we give.

2. Commonality

When we ask more questions, it gives us a wonderful opportunity to build commonality. When we build multiple points of commonality with a customer, we build trust, rapport and comfort. Talking about a product in terms of how other customers have benefited from it (or even better if you or a friend or family member use it yourself) will have far greater influence than talking about the product benefits.

3. Compliments

Sounds simple, but making your customers feel good is a powerful precursor to a sale. Make it your mission to find one thing to compliment every single customer on. It will not only put them in a positive frame of mind, it will potentially be a conversation starter.

4. Connection

Your product knowledge and professional experience is important but it’s your ability
to truly connect with your customers that
will make all the difference. Consumers buy from people they feel connected to. When your intention is to connect in a unique and meaningful way with each and every customer, the game changes. You have the ability to make someone’s day – each and every day. What a privilege!
Another way to strengthen the connection between your customer and the products you recommend is to understand that ‘proximity is power’.
Engaging multiple senses in the retail process impacts results dramatically. Give your client an opportunity to feel the product, smell the product and actually hold it. The research shows that as soon as a customer holds a retail product, the probability of them purchasing it increases by more than 30%.

5. Communication

Often, it’s not what you say but how you say it. Successful retailers usually have one thing in common – they are master storytellers. If you want a customer to remember a message, wrap it up in a story they can relate to. Tell your story, tell the story about the products you’re recommending. Often consumers resonate more with a product’s history – where it’s made and how it’s made – than the product’s benefits. The more you can humanise the products you’re selling, the greater your sales results will be.
Another powerful communication technique is to explain to your customer the future or cumulative effects of the product you’re recommending. As humans when we think about our futures, we generally think about it in positive, more hopeful terms than it’s likely to turn out. Scientists call this The Optimism Bias. So, by getting your clients thinking about the future benefits of the products you’re recommending, they’ll generally attach a positive emotion to it and that will help your retailing outcomes. This is called Future Focused Marketing.

Incorporate these five strategies into your interactions with customers and watch your retailing results skyrocket.

To learn more about these strategies and how you can turn your customers into advocates, get your free digital copy of Amanda's new book Turning Customers into Advocates.




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