Re-writing the Beauty Rules

November 01, 2016

Re-writing the Beauty Rules

Side stepping the mainstream stereotypes of what it means to be ‘beautiful’, Gilded Cage embraces and enhances those unique quirks that make you who you are. With carefully selected, high-quality skin–caring textures and a range of adaptable shades, Gilded Cage cosmetics are formulated to give women the confidence and ability to reveal their natural beauty.

With a longstanding fascination with fashion and beauty and almost 20 years experience in sales and marketing Rhys Williams, founder of Gilded Cage, has travelled the world to make his passion a reality.

Despite being born in Australia, the brand was designed in Paris and textures formulated and made in Italy. Rhys explains, “Paris has a unique take on prestige and I wanted our positioning to be luxe, with a road map to prestige in time.

“Like Parisian women, Gilded Cage is timeless and elegant and our Singular Beauty ethos is an idea that will endure across time. I admire European women for highlighting their natural beauty. Trends come and go but natural beauty remains timeless.

“Made in Italy’ ensures our textures are manufactured in facilities that comply with the EU cosmetic GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and adhere to the strictest cosmetic regulations in the world. After rigorous assessment, it was apparent to me Italy led the way in terms of safety, best practice and colour cosmetics.”

Rhys’ careful choice of suppliers has ensured strong, long-term professional partnerships that afford him access to world-leading technology, research and innovation departments, as well as global trends and forecasting insights. This ensures the products are not only on-brand but the textures align with what women are looking for in a cosmetics brand.

“I wanted the initial focus of the brand to be on eyes and lips as these are products that were familiar enough for women to embrace. Eyes are the windows to your soul and your smile is your resume in life.

“Beauty is about more than how you look; it’s about attitude and personality and those charming peculiarities that make you unique. Whether intended or not, promoting only one way to be beautiful can set a beauty standard. Beauty is multifaceted; why promote one way, when you can highlight many ways to beautiful. “The concept of singular beauty or individual beauty is about highlighting your natural beauty and not feeling like you need to conform or transform into something that you’re not.”

To communicate the idea of singular beauty Gilded Cage partnered with a friend and mentor to the brand, beauty and fashion influencer Natasha Oakley, who assisted with an online casting call to recruit four undiscovered faces. “We were really specific about how we presented the four faces of the campaign. It wasn’t about making these young women look like something else; it was about highlighting their best assets in the most beautiful way.

“There’s a temptation to push into a total transformation, but that’s not what the brand is about; that’s not how we see women living their life on a day-to-day basis. “During my time in Paris I learnt that French women do not want to be told how to be beautiful; they highlight their face in accordance with what they want to achieve and that’s something to admire.”

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