Priceline - The Beauty Prescription Live

April 25, 2017

Priceline - The Beauty Prescription Live

Priceline’s seasonal showing for the media of 70+ brand partner’s latest launches - Priceline – the Beauty Prescription Live – released official after-event media information entitled: “From perfect pouts to personal massagers”… six words that summarise the wide variety of inner and outer beauty & health products, stocked by Australia’s largest beauty retailer. 

Let’s get the personal massagers ticked off the list first. esprit Magazine wrote about the Smile Makers range in the January issue (p44). It’s all about eschewing the stigma attached to products such as vibrators and stocking them in an environment where women are comfortable to make this personal purchase.

Now…facts and stats on Priceline’s record breaking successes in beauty which demonstrate the retailer’s strongest touch points and sales successes.

Mark O’Keefe - General Manager of Marketing, Priceline Pharmacy MC-ed the press presentation. Discussing leading trends and findings from their exploratory international retail research tour - the Trend Trip - Liz Webster - General Manager, Merchandise, Susie Bearzi - National Buying Manager, Beauty and Sarah Searle - National Buying Manager - Health & Private Label revealed innovations and embryonic trends to watch (pictured top right). The trio have been privy to emerging trends from some of the world’s leading innovations centres to understand what is literally on the drawing board for beauty and health. This is where the brightest minds are inventing things we’ve never thought of, before the marketing people come in and make it commercial.

Media were given the low down on Priceline Pharmacy’s new 100% Woman campaign and support of women in sport, highlighted by Priceline Pharmacy’s newest Sister, Ellyse Perry, who has represented Australia over 200 times in the national cricket and soccer teams. The trade show filled with 70 product stands displaying new launches for 2017, product innovations, exclusives and cult favourites; across key categories of cosmetics, skincare, vitamins, medicinal health, haircare, accessories, fragrances, hands, feet & body, was heard to be described by media as ‘being like a kid in a candy store’ having all of their favourite brands ready and waiting to be sampled and chatted about.

In 2016…

18,000 products stocked across health & beauty

5300 colour cosmetics stocked: units sold: 2.6m – foundations; 3.4m lipsticks & glosses; 1.8m mascaras; 1m brow products; 1.7m eyeliners and 2.1m nail polishes.

2700 skincare - 2700 haircare - 2500 personal care - 1500 accessories - 1000 fragrance

650 Beauty Experts

Stealing the spotlight  and up-coming

Fudge – Clean Blonde Violet toning Shampoo and Real Techniques – Miracle Complexion Sponge

Ingredients – customers care about what goes onto their skin and into their bodies

K Beauty – bee venom, snake slime, purity of formulations, +11 steps to a skincare regime, double cleansing for the efficacy of the following serum step

Face Masks – the efficacy of sheet masks keeps getting better to infuse the skin. Hyaluronic remains a hero for moisturisation and activated charcoal is coming in as a deep cleanser

Wearables – technology to integrate with mobile phones. ‘Everyone wants everything instantly all year round’. People are worried about what they ingest. Technology that you can tap into on your devices, such as your iPhone, give you accountability and the ability to track activities/progress

Pre-poos – a prep step hair conditioner BEFORE shampooing which seeks out damage and targets it to repair

Travel sizes – with hand luggage restrictions, littlies for carry-on are a genuine help to customers

Fashion designer collaborations – from Hollywood stars to bloggers with chatty communities


62% need a second opinion when buying beauty
89% aren’t afraid to sweat through active pursuits
Priceline’s GIRLS campaign targets the men ‘she’ shops for

442 Priceline stores across Australia

Priceline Pharmacy’s first store opened in Victoria more than 30 years ago and today there are 442 stores nationally. Priceline’s Sister Club has over 6.4 million members, making it Australia’s largest health and beauty loyalty program. Priceline Pharmacy also supports charity partners through the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation – an initiative developed to support the health concerns that matter most to women.


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