Naturally Beautiful Eyes

November 15, 2016

Naturally Beautiful Eyes

Nude by Nature, Australia’s number one mineral make-up brand, is bent on blazing a new trail: naturally beautiful eye make-up.

The company that ignited the fast-growing mineral make-up trend knows that an increasing number of beauty-conscious consumers are looking for healthier make-up alternatives beyond powders and foundations. Eye makeup, for example, can be absorbed by the highly sensitive mucous membranes and mascaras and eyeshadows with a high proportion of synthetic ingredients can be irritating for women with very sensitive eyes.

"Fun, exciting, on-trend. That’s our main goal with the new eye collection, says Lucile Papon, Senior Product Manager for Nude by Nature. “The range is a healthy yet very glamorous lineup which showcases the brand’s commitment to high quality standards and advanced product performance. But it’s also fun and exciting, even though the products were designed with even the most sensitive skin in mind”.

Nude by Nature had a small eye collection, but the category was very minor for the brand, says Papon. “The eye sector has huge growth potential as more young women seek out eco-friendly formulas. But we had to be true to the brand which is why the colours reflect our Australian DNA - blues, greens and earth colours. Finishes are very important in today’s eye make-up market, so there’s a mix of matte, satin and sheen finishes to create a wide variety of on-trend looks”.

“The Natural Wonders Eye Palette offers 10 highly pigmented shades to create a full range of day-to-night looks. The Natural Illusion Eye Shadow Trio sets contain three  colour-matched shades. The Single Pressed Shadows, available in 12 shades, also deliver extraordinary colour payoff. All three contain natural active ingredients such as quandong and desert lime”.

Innovation is key to the ongoing natural colour cosmetic boom. “A standout of the new collection is Shimmering Sand Loose Eyeshadow”, says Papon. “Enriched with kaolin to extend wear, the fine, easy-to-blend formula teams intense pigments and pearls perfect for today’s natural yet polished eye looks. The brush applicator ensures that women apply the amount of product they need - no more or less - and yet the shadow is very buildable”.

Even as little as five years ago, it was difficult to find natural make-up that performed and looked as good as its upmarket mainstream counterparts, says Papon. “At Nude by Nature we are committed to constant innovation. Complexion-enhancing products have become a major trend for the social media generation, so we created Perfecting Eye Primer, enriched with oat and carnauba wax to smooth the eye area and extend make-up wear. The revised smoky eye was a hot trend at recent international runway shows, so consumers will love the Contour Eye Pencil, available in six shades, and the Definition Eyeliner. The key difference is ‘good for you’ ingredients, including mango and macadamia oils”.

Sensitivity to mascara can affect the most dedicated make-up maven. With the growth of social media, comparing, testing and reviewing products has become a global phenomenon, says Papon. “Brands have to step up because it will not go unnoticed. Our Allure Defining Mascara lengthens and delivers intense colour in a single swipe. Yet doesn’t flake, thanks to active naturals such as Pro Vitamin B5”.

It’s a major challenge to bring 100 per cent natural eye make-up to the broad market, notes Papon. “The collection was in development for a year because we know women are looking for healthier formulas, but they don’t want to compromise”.

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