Natralus - the one you can trust, naturally!

July 19, 2017

Natralus - the one you can trust, naturally!

Our tagline ‘The natural touch’ reflects our belief in the benefits of nature as well as touching your life in a positive, caring way with effective and proven natural products, says John Rowe, Managing Director of Natralus.

“I never look at cost when formulating a product; I focus on how well that product is going to work. If it doesn’t achieve the desired results, we don’t use it,” John assures. “Our mission is to enhance the lives of our customers by supplying them with effective Australian made high-quality products that are full of natural and organic ingredients, and actually work. When our customers come to us saying that our products have really helped them, it makes everything we do worthwhile”.

John Rowe has been developing and producing natural skincare products for over 25 years. John’s passion for creating all natural skincare comes from a long family history in the pharmaceutical industry. John’s grandfather, William Rowe, was a respected Adelaide Pharmacist and would often create natural herbal mixtures to help cure his clients’ ailments. William practised for over 50 years, creating and dispensing successful healthcare products. This passion and knowledge were passed on to his son and then down to grandson John. Keeping alive his grandfather’s passion and commitment to creating naturally effective products John’s objective is to touch as many lives in a positive, caring way using Natralus products. In 1991 John created what became Australia’s Number 1 active, NS-8 Natural Heel Balm, which he later sold with his first pharmaceutical business in 2005 to a Sydney based company.


At Natralus they source the most pure and natural ingredients, including those from organic farming in Australia. “We believe very strongly against using ingredients such as petrolatum, parabens, mineral oils or sulphates. Ingredients like petrolatum can also interfere with the body’s natural moisturising mechanism and could therefore lead to dryness and chapping over time. We want to alleviate these symptoms not enhance them”.

With their own research and development department, formulation lab and ISO GMP and Organic Certified manufacturing facility, Natralus have complete control of their products at every stage of the production process. “Every Natralus product is a unique result of the inspiration and dedication of our in-house team. Our experts give you innovative natural formulas that feel better, perform better and are better for you, with proven results. Natralus products are sent out for independent laboratory testing to substantiate claims such as dermatologist tested and suitable for sensitive skin. You will find that every product will deliver on every promise leaving you and your customers satisfied and coming back for repeat purchases”.


“One of Natralus’ loved and trusted products is our Soothing Skin Relief hydrating gel. It contains 99% Pure Aloe Vera and is Certified Organic, making it a unique product on the market. Our other Certified Organic products are the Ultra Skin Repair hydrating gel and our Intensive Skin Therapy moisturiser. Natralus don’t just throw around words like pure and natural and organic; we have the official certification to back it up”.

Natralus created the My Little One range with a specific focus in mind, to provide safe, effective skincare products designed for the most sensitive skin. Each product in the range has been created with the gentlest natural and organic ingredients we can source, including paw paw, shea butter, oatmeal extract, calendula, aloe vera, rosehip and jojoba oils and of course contains no nasties like petrolatum, parabens, lanolin, artificial fragrances or colours. The range is also Paediatrician Approved/Recommended and proven to be suitable for newborns.


Natralus recently had a woman contact them after using their Nourishing Lotion from the My Little One range on her young daughter. “At the age of 2 years old, my daughter Jazmine was diagnosed with eczema. Like any first-time mother, I was crushed as her skin was flaky, dry, and had open wounds from all the scratching. I spent a lot of money trialing different creams and lotions, but nothing seemed to work on her sensitive skin. I was recommended by a mother I met at childcare to try Natralus My Little One Nourishing Lotion. I was hesitant at first due to my past experiences, but after hearing her positive result, I had nothing to lose. To my surprise, Jazmine did not experience any reaction or irritation. Her skin started to heal as she gradually stopped scratching. The lotion helped minimise the flaring up and itching, giving her a soft and smooth skin texture. I now religiously apply the Natralus Nourishing Lotion morning and night.” – Valentina, VIC


“Natralus love to support Pharmacy and by having samples and testers, a customer loyalty program and various Point of Sale options we help to drive sales. Natralus has formed a sales partnership with Pharmabroker Sales in late 2016 to represent Pharmacy nationally and already we are seeing massive support from Pharmacies coming on board which is really exciting to see the brand potential being realised”, says John.

Being known as a brand that customers can trust is a core value. For example, the paw paw issue. “With such an extensive range of paw paw ointments on the market, it’s often tricky to know what to look out for. Many paw paw products advertise natural ingredients or come in clever packaging that gives off the feeling of being free of any nasties. It can take a while to realise you’ve been using something that is doing more harm than good. Paw paw varieties, are seen as being safe to use repeatedly despite being filled with ingredients that often irritate the fragile skin on and around the lips, causing a loss of hydration when you’re expecting them to have the opposite effect! You can rest assured that our range of Paw Paw ointments and lip balms contains no nasties and has double the paw paw content of other leading brands. Paw paw is really a multi-purpose skin aid and is a great way to supply the skin and lips with a range of vitamins, minerals and enzymes which hydrate and protect. Its naturally high sugar content means that it easily attracts, absorbs and retains moisture - making it perfect for maintaining the skin’s optimum hydration level. The reason products like Natralus Essential Paw Paw Ointment and Nourishing Paw Paw Lip Butters feel so good has a lot to do with the aforementioned moisture renewal properties, making it a soothing solution to dry and chapped lips and irritable skin conditions.


All products in the Natralus range have specific claims - claims your customers are seeking out - such as:

  • All natural ingredients
  • Australia Certified Toxic Free
  • Clinically tested in an independent laboratory
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Dermatologist Approved/Recommended
  • Clinically tested and proven suitable for Sensitive Skin
  • Clinically proven and substantiated to be, Kind to Skin, Mild for Skin and Safe for Skin
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Certified Organic by OFC


Bev McGrice, Senior Sales Consultant

John Rowe, Managing Director

Natralus Australia Pty Ltd +61 8 8382 3000

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