La Roche-Posay Pharmacy Insider

June 05, 2017

La Roche-Posay Pharmacy Insider

Q&A on acne myths and treatment with Pharmacy Beauty Manager Deborah Banham who has 30 years experience in pharmacy.

How often do customers come in with Acne?

Our pharmacy’s request for acne products have been building. Many acne products are readily available in supermarkets but are not always providing a solution for their concerns.

What is the most important first step to managing acne?

Getting professional advice. Pharmacy is a great place to ask for assistance due to the range of professional dermo-cosmetic products and trained staff to listen to your concerns and recommend the best solution for your needs.

What factors exacerbate acne?

Using products that are too harsh for the skin. They tend to dry the surface of the skin initially but actually encourage more oil production.

What are the biggest myths or misconceptions about treating acne?

That using strong products will clear the problem quickly.

Why is management of Acne more difficult for customers with sensitive skin?

Acne products are often too harsh for sensitive skin. Irritation of the skin’s surface leads to dryness and then an increase in oil production. These customers have often tried many products and become disillusioned with little or no results.

What are your favourite La Roche-Posay products?

The Anti-Acne Starter Kit is one of our best sellers. It is an easy two step program in a two-week trial and is reasonably priced.

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