Feng Shui your workspace and calculate the benefits!

January 25, 2017

Feng Shui your workspace and calculate the benefits!

by Carolyn McCallum

Feng Shui is all about using unseen energy to your advantage. Energy is all around us and activating the good energy can greatly assist in your overall prosperity. It is also important to harmonise any challenging energy in your environment.

Without getting a professional in to do a specific analysis on your workspace it is difficult to know how the energy is impacting on your business and the health and relationships of your staff. There are however some general rules that you can apply regardless of your location.

The key is to ensure the space is as attractive as possible so the Chi (energy) directs people to your business/sales counter. To do this, you need to ensure the area is not cluttered, is as beautifully presented as possible and is clean. Having too much stock on display can feel quite overwhelming to potential clients. Not having enough to look at is also problematic so finding a balance is key. Using well placed mirrors to amplify the energy around you and double the size of the selling space is a great strategy. Damaged and old stock or signage, flaky paint, messy draws and counter tops all equal bad Feng Shui. Ensuring brushes and testers are always clean is essential. Have a discreet rubbish bin where used make-up wipes and disposable mascara wands can be placed once used. Displays should be thoroughly cleaned regularly. Eye shadows and blushes have a habit of sprinkling themselves over other products quite quickly. Blobs of foundation are never a good look on your counter.

The presentation of your sales staff is just as important as the products they are selling. Ensure they are using or wearing the products for sale. A genuine smile and greeting can make all the difference to helping the customer feel at ease and willing to linger in the space for a longer period of time. This will translate to more sales for you. Creating an area where clients feel comfortable is key. You may like to have a scented candle burning or use aromatherapy oil dispensers so that your sales area not only looks beautiful but smells divine as well.

Tricks & Tips

•    Declutter to allow the Chi to flow
•    A cluttered space equals a cluttered mind
•    Beautiful presentation is essential
•    Cleanliness is key
•    Attention to detail is paramount
•    Fix or discard anything that is broken
•    Fresh paint and signage improves prosperity
•    A smile is worth dollars
•    Well presented staff are important
•    Use mirrors to double the size of the space
•    Burn aromatherapy oil

Carolyn McCallum is the Director of Feng Shui Harmony and is a full time Feng Shui consultant, based in Sydney with clients worldwide.  

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