Embracing the healing properties of nature

August 08, 2016

Hanako Therapies

Based on the healing properties of the Earth’s raw essences, Hanako’s products naturally support and balance the body  while bringing clarity to the mind.

The entire range is vegan, eco-friendly and also beautifully (and sustainably) packaged, making Hanako your point of difference for customers  looking for natural ways to nurture their wellbeing.

Market research reveals that in Australia natural healthcare products are witnessing a growth rate of seven per cent year on year. While consumers are basing their purchases on more holistic principles, they still demand high-quality products with a clear point of difference.

Hanako Australian-made therapeutic scents, meridian blends and environmental essences isn’t just another range of natural products, it was born from an inimitable journey and has already achieved many successes, despite being in its infancy. Already on a path to a bright future in the United States, the brand’s founders have returned to their roots to share Hanako’s bottled natural goodness with the Australian market.

Co-founders Rachel and Jeff Holm have always been passionate about finding balance in life and being attuned to their body’s needs. Rachel, the driving force and divine light behind the products, has always been immensely passionate about different cultures and the alternative methods of healing, especially those derived from Eastern philosophies and ancient tradition. For many years she has practiced meditation and appreciated the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits it can bring. Her hunger to learn more about different types of therapies led her to complete a two-year diploma in Energetic and Spiritual Healing in Sydney.

On completion of her studies Rachel and Jeff, along with their 18-month old daughter Willow, set out on a year of adventure and discovery across Jeff’s country of origin America. Along the way Rachel continued to feed her passion studying aromatherapy, apothecary and training as a Kundalini Yoga teacher. Little did they know the seeds for Hanako were being sown.

Birth of the brand

Before embarking on the trip, Rachel had searched high and low for a natural, child-friendly solution to Willow’s motion sickness. Unable to find a suitable remedy, Rachel used her knowledge, expertise on aromatherapy and apothecary as well as her intuition to create her own combination of natural oils that would help calm an upset stomach.

She rubbed the blend of natural oils and plant essences onto Willow’s wrists, stomach and the soles of her feet and they set off on their journey. Unlike previous travels, this time there was no need for a bucket, no sickness, no tears, no discomfort. The blend had proven to be successful and Hanako’s first product, Happy Tracks, was born.

However, the concept of Hanako the brand had not yet been fully realised. When things are meant to be, they don’t need to be rushed—they will come naturally and at a time that’s right. That’s precisely what happened.

Rachel and Jeff’s wanderlust, passion for natural healing and encounter with some of the world’s most powerful energy spots in Sedona Arizona, had led to the creation of nine natural essences to support emotional wellbeing and encourage selfawareness.

On her return home to Australia everything Rachel had learned, created and experienced came together and Hanako, meaning ‘flower child’ in Japanese, was realised.

Nature – recognised

Hanako’s range now includes essences – two of which are named after Sedona’s energy portals Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock – meridian blends and its ever-popular ‘I am…’ vibrational scents.

Its hero scent is ‘I Am…Inspired’; A natural alternative to perfume, I Am…Inspired is a unisex elixir incorporating essential oils, gem and flower essences, crystal-infused purified water and mantra to combat negative feelings, encourage a higher consciousness and impart feelings of peace and clarity.

Hanako’s unique offering is being recognised both on home soil and in America. Within its first six months of trading Hanako Therapies had already received an opening order of substantial size from a US retail chain and it is currently stocked by sizeable American lifestyle and fashion retailers Urban Outfitters and Marshalls. Here in Australia Hanako can be found in a host of retail outlets including Karma Living stores and Body Mind Life. The speed at which the brand is picking up momentum is testament to the growth of the natural products industry here and overseas.

If you’re looking for ways to fuel your front-of-shop growth that are backed by industry trends, Hanako can help set you apart from your competitors who are also exploring the natural health space.

Visit www.hanakotherapies.com or call 1300 856 332 or Jeff on 0405 367 623

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