Educator Vs Seller

August 17, 2017

Educator Vs Seller

The way we sell cosmetics has changed immensely over the years, especially when it comes to makeup…The days of the beauty advisor standing behind the intimidating, glass counters, making it seem very elite to even shop for a product, to now being open sell and much more inviting to all types of customers – these small things make such a difference to your confidence in your approach in such an environment.

In today’s world, we have tutorials galore, from social media and digital sites with only a few experts really giving correct information… sites like YouTube also share tips, but these come from other consumers with a passion for beauty and are not always as educational, and certainly not as personalised, as beauty advisors can show on the retail floor.

What would you rather hear:

“What would you like to purchase today?”


“So, let’s see what’s missing from your makeup bag”?

Be little educators + make everyone comfortable + start conversations = $$$


It’s important not to ‘sell’ to your clients by talking at them, but conversing with them…exactly like you would explain an exciting new product to friends. You would be passionate, giving tips and making the experience a comfortable, yet informative one.

No doubt, your friend would look into the product further and in most cases, purchase the discussed product. Word of mouth by a trusted source works much better than a sterile environment. Personalisation is now a big trend in retail…from monogramming your initials on items like phone cases and travel accessories, to your local barista knowing your name and order every morning. We all love feeling a bit special, especially when it is done in a very natural way. Never forget how you like to feel in a situation such as a retail environment, sell how you would like to be sold to.


There are so many tools and ways to educate your client…as a makeup artist, one thing I detest in the retail world of beauty is the word ‘makeover’! Why only look good for one moment, when you can look and feel great every day?

Women come to us as experts who can guide them through trying something new and give advice so they feel like they are wearing on-trend looks that will then make them feel great, empowered and more confident.

If you perform a makeover, how will that woman know how to use her new product suggestions tomorrow or the next day? She won’t, so will unlikely purchase, and feel let down by a lack of service. Help her by showing her how to use the products.

Focus on your clients’ concerns first; use the mirror to show the difference from one side applied/corrected with the other as per normal…this gains excitement, showing the efficacy of your beauty prescription especially chosen for your client.

Keep products to a minimum for each section of the face when prescribing products - this allows your client to visualise how she’ll incorporate the new routine into her busy lifestyle.

And lastly, use face charts supplied by your brand to re-apply the makeup look designed for your client, educating her and confirming why you prescribed these products for her concerns.

By Michael Brown  @mbrown_beauty

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