Camera Shy? NO WAY, NOT TODAY!

March 15, 2017

Camera Shy? NO WAY, NOT TODAY!

The dynamic nature of today’s digital environment is reshaping the beauty landscape, impacting consumer behaviour, beauty rituals, innovations and the language of product descriptions. Research agency, Canadean’s presentation: ‘Targeting consumers in today’s digital era’, delivered at InCosmetics Asia 2016 gave examples.

Evolving behaviour that has spawned from this changing environment is the expansion of traditional social exchanges. These are no longer confined to physical interaction, and this can be attributed to the combination of social media and enhanced mobile technologies such as smartphones and tablets. Consumers can socialise at any time via mobile platforms.

In face-to-face meetings we might excuse our bad-hair day, or our tired face and laugh it off, but in photos, where we can’t defend our complexion imperfection, we want to put our best face forward at all times. Enter the pre-filtered face! Or in TV lingo: “Here’s one I made earlier”…at dawn, in the mirror.

Jamie Mills, Analyst at Canadean, explains: “Posting selfies online or sending images is increasingly commonplace in consumer routines today, even replacing text messages for some. Due to these spontaneous social interactions, the need to be ‘photo-ready’ is becoming essential for digitised individuals.”

According to Canadean’s research, approximately three in five consumers in Asia-Pacific say they are conscious of their appearance in photos and images. Mills adds: “This creates unique opportunities for beauty brands. For example, one of the defining characteristics of image-based social media platforms such as Instagram is that consumers are able to edit and enhance their appearance electronically by the use of filters. Beauty brands can capitalise on familiarity with such programs and their association with image enhancement to create a unique positioning.”

It might just be marketing terms but the language of digital appeals to Millennials and younger and is popping up all over packaging and product profiles: ‘Soft focussed’, ‘blurring’ and ‘filters’ promising that camera-ready complexion. The formulations are focussed on light reflection, radiance and techniques that are known flatterers. It’s a combination of product and application.

Cosmetics is about confidence …and of course fun. You never know when the Red Carpet is going to be rolled out before your feet or you need to snap a selfie to share with your social media tribe, so like good Girl Guides…be prepared! Now... LIKE and SHARE with your customers!


Soft Focus Smoothing Primer ($40) is a high-performance primer that not only improves the application and staying power of foundation but it also smooths and nourishes skin, instantly blurring the appearance of any fine lines or visible pores. Antioxidant vitamin Coenzyme Q10 protects against free radicals while Hyaluronic acid keeps skin happily hydrated. Consider it as a soft-focus filter in a bottle.


L’Oréal Paris Infallible Total Cover Foundation

Covering up a tattoo, scarring or dark eye circles – recommend L’Oréal Paris Infallible Total Cover Foundation (RRP $29.95) and Colour Correcting Concealer Palette (RRP $29.95) which work together to blot the blemish. Both formulas combine Highload™ camo pigments with stretch elastomers in a light aqueous gel for 30% more coverage than classic cover-ups, without the cakey-feel. Foundation comes in six shades –pale to amber and Concealer comes in five colour correcting shades to support the camouflage promise. Launches in February 2017.

NICOLE THOMPSON, M· A· C  Senior Make Up Artist

M.A.C. Studio Fix Fluid SPF15 Foundation

“The perfect selfie starts and finishes with flawless looking skin. We use Prep and Prime Skin followed by Studio Fix Fluid SPF15 Foundation to achieve this. A must have product in any makeup artist’s kit, it’s known for its skin perfecting qualities, giving a smooth, flawless coverage and natural matte finish, perfect for disguising imperfections. Apply Strobe Cream with a sponge to the highest parts of the face (cheek bones, brow bones, cupids bow) for a luminous, Victoria’s Secret Angel-esq glow and BAM selfie perfection!”


Enlightened Illuminating Balm ($32) is a luxe, luminising balm to highlight, enhance and add radiance to the complexion; inspired by Mecca Cosmetica’s best-selling Lit From Within Illuminating Primer. The warm, face-flattering shade complements most skin tones and delivers a natural-looking glow. Full of skin-enhancing ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil and Castor Seed Oil, the highly-blendable formula gives a smooth, luminous finish that’s long lasting.


The Filter Contour and Glow
This range was designed specifically for the ‘selfie’ purpose. “In this day and age, girls have to be photo ready at all times and the collection contains all the skin perfecting products that you need to achieve a filter-look,” says Lauren Lang for ModelCo. “Glow Beauty Balm is amazing for wearing on its own or as a primer and it really illuminates your skin. The Filter Contour and Glow is great for adding definition and On-the-Glow Highlighter in Spotlight gives that added sheen to your skin.”


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