Bondi Perfume Co. Carves a Celebrity Niche

January 31, 2017

Bondi Perfume Co. Carves a Celebrity Niche

Bondi Perfume Company, established in 2015 produces some of the country’s most prestigious celebrity-endorsed scents, while representing world class, exclusive brands.

This is a company whose prime focus is to distribute fragrances that encompass style and sophistication for all Australian consumers.

Bondi Perfume Company believes in brands, people, and innovation. Through partnerships with some of the best fragrance creation laboratories in the world and with access to an extensive network of more than 400 retail outlets, Bondi Perfume Company is influencing a whole new aesthetic for the Australian fragrance landscape.
Brands represented by Bondi Perfume Co. include Gina Liano, Michael Bublé, Sarah Jessica Parker, Hollister, Perry Ellis, Zipped, Police, Gap and Pino Silvestre.

We talk to Matt Verrocchi who has 10 years’ experience working within the retail fragrance industry with the Chemist Warehouse Group, that has provided him with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a competitive fragrance market. 

The mass fragrance sector in Australia is a 464-million-dollar* category, what do you believe has increased the interest in Australia?

"Thanks to retailers such as Chemist Warehouse, fragrance has now become an affordable luxury in Australia. A luxury that can play a significant role in our mood and wellbeing each day.
Fragrance has the ability to evoke a range of emotions including a greater sense of confidence, happiness and relaxation and can have positive effects on mood, stress reduction, sleep enhancement and self-confidence.
Scents are like a holiday without the expensive price tag. As fragrance has become more accessible, it has become an indulgence Australians are willing to spend on and an area we will continue to develop and promote."

Bondi Perfume Co. has grown fast - how has it become such a success in such a short space of time? 

"In what is an increasingly competitive and crowded fragrance marketplace we identified a gap in the celebrity category within Australia and an opportunity for Bondi Perfume Company.  
Although the concept of celebrity fragrance isn’t new, we’re seeing an increase in stars branching out and expanding their brands into the health, lifestyle and beauty sectors, including fragrance.
Bondi Perfume Company’s success stems from several factors including our ability to keep abreast of key trends, identify with other successful brands and assess gaps in the market.
Listening to your consumer is a key element. Our breadth of experience in this area means we are able to produce affordable fragrances and beauty products working alongside high profile Aussie celebrities that really resonate with our customers"

Has Bondi Perfume Company’s success surprised you?

"Bondi Perfume Company’s success is driven by the proven, winning trifecta of: commitment, dedication and passion. Just this year we have been lucky enough to work with renowned personalities such as Michael Bublé, Sarah Jessica Parker and our very own Gina Liano.
Every personality we work with shares the drive and determination to produce a flawless fragrance. From initial concepts, through to the finished product, each brings their own unique flair and flavour to the fragrance world.
It’s through this commitment and professionalism brought by the stars we work with at Bondi Perfume Company, that we’re able to bring such successful and popular fragrances to the market."

Plans for further growth - where/how you see the business growing?

"The celebrity fragrance market continues to grow globally as consumers seek to buy into their favourite icons’ lifestyles. As this trend continues to gain momentum, our business will continue to invest in Aussie celebrities and bring their projects to life.
Expanding our local distribution channels throughout Australia is also a priority in 2017 with the launches and exclusive distribution agreements we have. It all adds up to a very exciting time for Bondi Perfume Co.
In March 2017 Bondi Perfume Company, will launch another exclusive fragrance for an iconic female Australian star which will initially be sold directly through Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist and My Beauty Spot stores nationally."

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