Be A’kin with Nature

November 24, 2016

Be A’kin with Nature

Introducing new-look, newly expanded, newly renamed A’kin… merging A’kin and A’kin by Al’chemy to create Australia’s next global natural powerhouse brand.

A’kin and A’kin by Al’chemy are two of Australia’s best-loved natural pharmacy brands. With the brand’s creation dating back to 1994 when botanical chemist Will Evans pioneered the way for paraben free haircare under the Al'chemy brand.

He had a mission to capitalise on new advances in natural chemistry and as a result created pure and natural skincare under the A’kin brand. Since this time they have found a dedicated following amongst discerning beauty lovers.

As A'kin heads towards it's 15th anniversary, their huge potential is about to be unlocked by new owners, McPherson’s. Both lines are to be consolidated under one brand name - A’kin - and to support McPherson’s intention to significantly grow the business in the next three years. It is being completely repackaged and reinvigorated with the introduction of numerous new product innovations.

The new A’kin will continue to highlight its origins as a locally made and owned all- Australian brand. While the intention is for it to become a truly global property with its roots always at home.

“Our focus for A’kin is to build a leading, high quality natural brand by continuing with its philosophy of simplicity – pure, authentic and beautifully aromatic skincare, crafted without parabens, sulfates, artificial colours or fragrances”, explains Brand Manager, Lucy Robinson. “A’kin skincare is rich in botanical extracts which nourish and enhance the appearance of the skin, just as nature intended”.

The A’kin skin principle is that healthy skin leads to beautiful skin. Botanical Chemist at A’kin, Annabelle Personeni explains more. “Skincare is first and foremost about regularity. If you have a solid routine of cleansing and moisturising, that’s 80% of the job done. Many people spend hundreds of dollars on highly active skincare products that are then used irregularly. By simply committing to a naturally based cleanse and moisturising routine, the skin will reap the benefits”.

Not surprisingly, Personeni recommends using natural skin and haircare products. Why? “Natural products work with the skin instead of providing a bandaid fix”, she explains. “They can teach the skin to balance itself, making more of its own moisturising substances, boost natural processes that make elastin and collagen to fight wrinkles, and so much more.”

The fact that women (and men) are discovering the truth in this is reflected in current sales data. The natural skincare market is valued at $122M in pharmacy, growing at almost 20%. “We know that all core categories are in double digit growth – moisturisers, cleansers/toners and facial oils – so this is the perfect time to really capitalise on the strength and appeal of the A’kin brand”, comments Robinson. “We know from research that consumers love A’kin – it is now up to us to harness the right look, feel and messaging to maximise the success of the brand”.

The first step in the transformation is a complete redesign which will give A’kin a unique on-shelf presence. “A’kin’s new packaging is a beautifully evolved take on high end, all-natural products”, comments Robinson. “We’ve elevated the range to a new premium look and feel, basing the packaging redesign around a subtle woodgrain textured finish, highlighted with a clean and impactful new logo and a hint of verdant natural leaves. It’s a clear expression of the natural goodness consumers will experience inside”.

Research has clearly shown that consumers respond extremely positively to the new packaging – and that this new raw feeling, linking back to nature will generate a much higher purchase intent with key sectors of the market.

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