Baldy - Love Your Head

August 04, 2016

In today’s customised, service oriented beauty and personal care world, there’s just about something for everything. But Baldy is something new.

Specialised products targeted to the gamut of specific concerns is the domain of the retail beauty industry. So it’s exciting when you have a ‘hang on a minute…that’s new’ moment when you make a discovery. Baldy is a range of skin treats especially for bald heads.

Baldy Products is a family owned business located on Australia’s beautiful Queensland coast.

“As a bunch of Baldies ourselves, we know the importance of looking after your amazing bald head, and that’s why we have created a range of products specifically designed to do exactly that,” says Dean Hutchinson, co-founder. “Our aim is to have bald heads all over the planet looking and feeling amazing…waxed, shined and moisturised. Whether it’s for you, or a gift for that special baldy in your life, we trust you will be amazed at the benefits of using a Baldy Product. 100% Natural Product and Australian Made.”

It’s cool to be bald and wear a shaven head, which is what drove the founders of Baldy Products to release a product range specifically formulated for bald heads that moisturises, hydrates, protects (acts as a barrier), shines, waxes and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Recommended use is after a shave.

Using the same philosophy of pampering traditionally un-cared-for areas of skin, Baldy has created Baldy Feet in peppermint, formulated to relax and revive tired feet with ingredients that nourish, condition and soften one of our body’s hardest working ‘bits’. It’s made with pure Australian jojoba oil, natural castor bean oil, olive oil and 100% Australian beeswax and essential oils.

Customers say: “Thanks guys for finally bringing to the market a product that is designed for my Bald Head. I love Baldy because it feels and looks amazing after a shave, and I know it is doing amazing things for my skin over the short and long term. I don’t go anywhere without it.”

There’s a choice of four: Original – an uplifting scent with woody aromas - the eucalyptus in Baldy Original will help relieve stress as well as shine, wax and moisturise; Aqua Fresh is a fresh, crisp scent - evoking the feeling of stepping out of the ocean, waxed, shined, feeling amazing; Mandarine Orange has a splash of fresh citrus invigoration; and new Baldy Forest which uses a fresh Sandalwood essential oil. RRP $19.95, 60g tin.

The big three ingredients

Jojoba - Pure Australian jojoba oil provides great shine through its rich content of Omega 3, Docosdienioc Acid which binds and builds cell structure, moisturises while tightening the skin, reducing the appearance wrinkles. “This ingredient is the ‘Wow’ factor,” says Dean.

EVOO - Olea Europaea Oil. Rich in the Omega 9 Oleic Acid, which makes it a fantastic moisturiser and packed with Vitamins A & E to hydrate the skin, this is the nourishing, penetrating ingredient.

CBO - Castor Bean Oil. Rich in the Omega 6 Richinoleic Acid, which makes a fantastic anti-Bacterial, anti-Inflammatory, anti-Acne barrier.

Calling all Retailers – Be a Stockist!

“Baldy Products are always on the lookout for fabulous partners to on-sell our fabulous products. So if you think the Baldy range would suit your retail store and your customers then we would love to hear from you.
Simply send us an email with your details (website, shop name, preferred email & contact name) and we will be in touch. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in, because we want bald heads all over the world using baldy.
Our starter pack includes 16 tins of what ever ratio the retailer would like, however we recommend more Aqua and Original to start with as they have been our hot off the shelf sellers. Plus a point of sale stand to help highlight and attracts customers. Baldy - Love Your Head.”

Dean Hutchinson
Baldy Products
Ph: 1300 649 139

Dean Hutchinson, co-founder – baldy behind Baldy

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