Ageing has never looked so good

November 12, 2016

Ageing has never looked so good

With the global market for anti-ageing products predicted to reach $352.7 billion by 2020 and Suncorp Bank’s The Cost of Looking Good Report revealing that Australians spend a combined $729 million per month on skincare products, there’s no denying that anti-ageing is big business.

Yet while consumers are willing to spend big on skincare and, according to the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia’s (CPSA) annual survey, one in two Australians worries about looking older, consumers want products that deliver visible instant and long-term results.

New Zealand born BeeBio Advanced Skincare harnesses the healing, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of medical grade Manuka Honey to effectively stimulate skin cell production. This is teamed with the use of Royal Jelly, active botanicals and natural Bee Venom to develop a multi-functional skincare range, specifically formulated to be topically effective and activate skin cells.

By sourcing the highest quality medical Grade Manuka Honey, which has received FDA and CE approval for its natural healing properties, BeeBio can ensure it is producing truly advanced anti-ageing skincare that addresses the immediate signs of ageing as well as the future health of the skin.

Not only is BeeBio backed by the integrity of its natural ingredients, medical research and clinical trials, the effects are clearly visible — the outcome consumers are looking for.

BeeBio is the result of more than $25 million in medical and clinical research and testing to ensure that every product baring the BeeBio badge of honour is of the highest quality.

Key to the range is Manuka Honey, but not just any Manuka. BeeBio uses only the best medical grade Manuka Honey.

“We use the same medical Grade Manuka Honey that is used across the world in advanced wound care for burns clinics and surgical trauma units. Manuka Honey is highly sought after for its ability to actively stimulate new skin cell production, which is not only reparative but also anti-ageing.

Our sister company Watson & Son is the world leader in the production of Manuka surgical dressings and advanced wound care treatments. They are also New Zealand’s largest producer of premium Manuka Honey, so our understanding of Manuka really is unsurpassed,” explains Adam Boot, Marketing Director, BeeBio - Natural Health Products.

“We took the same formulas and what we had learnt from the medical side of the business to develop the BeeBio advanced skincare range.”

However, developing a first class product based on high levels of Manuka Honey combined with active botanicals and 100% Bee Venom is not as straightforward as it might sound. For BeeBio, the manufacturing process is equally as important as the quality of the Manuka Honey itself.

“It took a couple of years of design, development and formulation; we had to get the manufacturing right as Manuka doesn’t blend well, which leads to very small quantities of Manuka being used by other brands. The correct Manuka grades, quantities and formulation percentages are critical to achieving genuine topical effects on the skin”

“We wanted to ensure the amount of Manuka Honey in BeeBio was more than enough to produce results. Our proprietary formulation has enabled us to use the same levels of concentration of Manuka Honey used in wound care. We use nothing less than 16+ medical grade Manuka Honey at specific concentration level, which is at least three times more than other brands, and this guarantees the results,” explains Adam.

“Nothing compares to BeeBio. The brand is backed by millions of dollars in medical testing and clinical trials and the product formulation is based on that used in wound care throughout Europe, America and in the military.”

While BeeBios’s active ingredients are all 100% New Zealand sourced, the brand also believes in a mutual, long-term commitment to its supplier partners and is committed to returning a fair deal to the landowners from whom the honey is harvested.

BeeBio’s Manuka Honey is grown in some of the most isolated, pristine areas of New Zealand — far away from the influence of urban contaminants or pollutants. To maintain the purity of the honey it is grown and harvested without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

“We have more hives and plant more Manuka than anyone. In fact, Watson & Son will plant three million Manuka seedlings this year alone. Every kilogram of honey can be traced back to the land and the hives from which the bees harvest honey from the flower of the Manuka bush. Each hive has a GPS location, so it’s possible to scan the batch number of each product and ‘Google Earth’ the location of the hive from where the honey came from,” says Adam.

All Manuka Honey supplied to BeeBio is tested under the Molan Gold Standard™ (MGS), a grading system reviewed by the Ministry of Primary Industries of New Zealand to ensure that the natural marker methylglyoxal found in Manuka Honey meets the legislative requirements, assuring purity and quality. The Molan Gold Standard™ helps give consumers full confidence in what they are purchasing.

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