The dry shampoo with a difference

May 16, 2016

Busy schedules mean it’s increasingly difficult to achieve, let alone maintain, that just-stepped-out-of-the-salon look, which makes Ambiance Australia Dry Shampoo a must-have.

It effectively and instantly cleanses the hair and absorbs excess oil, making fresh, flowing tresses the norm. Ambiance conceals thinning hair and creates super volume for seriously salon-worthy hair, while also covering regrowth and greys in less than 60 seconds.

Step 1: Tip the brush on a slight angle over the desired area of the scalp to release the powder

Note: When the product is first tipped, the powder comes out quickly so be careful not to tip the brush until over the desired area

Step 2: Part hair into sections, one section at a time to distribute the powder

Step 3: Powder can be blended into scalp with the brush using circular movements or a dabbing motion or use your fingertips

“Ambiance is the only vegan non-aerosol tinted volumising dry shampoo in Australia with colour! It effectively mops up any excess oil, leaves hair smelling beautiful and fresh and covers up annoying greys and regrowth - as well as giving hair beautiful volume,” says Helen Sykes, Ambiance  Australia CEO.

Available in 5 shades, Ambiance Australia Dry Shampoo is the secret weapon to achieving and maintaining colour vibrancy.

“The colours can be easily blended using the now available Ambiance Refills to create a desired shade or a perfect hair colour match. By combining  Black and Brunette you can create chocolate brown and by mixing No Tint in with the Blonde, you have a wonderful ash blonde shade.

“If you’re on–trend with teal or lavender coloured hair, use Ambiance No Tint to cleanse and refresh locks without stripping away the colour in the same way that shampooing can.

“Consumers are more demanding nowadays; they want natural, vegan, alcohol free. Ambiance Dry Shampoo is the perfect multi-tasking solution as it conceals, cleanses, creates and covers. It’s ideal for men who are concerned about thinning hair or baldness and because Ambiance Australia is made with 100% natural vegan ingredients and dermatologist tested, it won’t irritate the scalp or cause flare-ups for those with common skin conditions. Once you try Ambiance Australia, you won’t ever look back.

“Ambiance Australia can even save your customers’ money as it reduces the need for separate hair colour and volumisers and extends the life of a salon blowdry.”

Ambiance Australia is made with 100% natural vegan ingredients and dermatologist tested.

Ambiance Dry Shampoo is available in:

• Black

• Blonde

• Brunette

• Red

• No Tint

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