Chanel opens at Pac Fair

May 07, 2016

Chanel continues the national expansion of its beauty boutique network with the unveiling of a 102m sq footprint in the newly renovated Pacific Fair in Queensland.

Chanel’s fragrance and beauty boutique is the eleventh to open its doors in Australia with two more planned across Australia and New Zealand by the end of 2016.

The store debuts a new boutique identity. The boutique will be the first in Australia and only third in the world to feature the new burgundy design concept. The boutique’s façade plays with texture, rhythm and colour to deliver a completely renovated interior concept for Chanel used to enhance the client experience by inviting them to discover a new, sleek and inspiring Chanel beauty environment. Traditional visuals are stripped back to allow for artwork inspired by the products themselves, core colours are enriched and cultural references are drawn upon. The new environment sets the tone for storytelling and encourages interaction and freedom of discovery.

The innovative design of the boutique draws inspiration from iconic codes of Chanel such as the fabrication and contrasting burgundy and black colour palette of the iconic 11.12 Bag. The travertine floor which gives a nod to the prominence of the colour beige within the house of Chanel creates a sense of calm in the environment.
Upon entering the boutique, customers are invited to discover the latest make-up creations fast-tracked from the Chanel runway shows as well as a skincare bar which showcases the exceptional textures and tailored offerings for every complexion. The Fragrances area displays all Chanel olfactory creations, including the legendary collection Les Exclusifs de Chanel.

Chanel is also delighted to announce the instalment of a dedicated Eyewear salon, the first of its kind within Australia. The eyewear salon will present a comprehensive collection of Chanel sunglasses, offering a new dimension to the beauty boutique experience.

“The opening of this style boutique and its product offering is a momentous occasion,” says David Blakeley, Managing Director Chanel ANZ. “Because we are able to deliver an immersive, service orientated experience to our clients in a retail environment that we have specially created to showcase our fragrance, beauty and fashion eyewear offerings together in a new and very exciting Chanel way.”

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