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April 28, 2016

Queensland family owned Malouf Pharmacies group is constantly pushing through the boundaries of all things pharmacy. Here we hear how its personalised worth-of-mouth blog is growing the business.

Malouf’s recent addition to its growing digital assets is taking the business to a whole new level with a key focus in Beauty Blogging. This is an exciting move for the group and one in which you will see many developments from online to in store, says Lisa Campbell, Marketing Manager, Malouf Pharmacies.

Not only does it cover ‘all things beauty’, the team of bloggers also specialise in articles and tutorials across cosmetics, fragrances, skincare, health and wellness. Malouf Pharmacies philosophy is all about quality in all it does and this also extends to this engaging/proactive digital channel. This customer-centric niche blog is its premier destination for the latest beauty tips, instore VIP nights, product event invitations, information, inspiration, helpful hints, obsessions, trends, natural products, with key focuses on Australian made and owned beauty and health brands. 

Malouf Pharmacies is renowned for its exceptional in-store events and these are showcased on the blog with an open invitation for beauty lovers across the state to RSVP attend.

Malouf Pharmacies earlier this year ran a highly successful ‘Purely Australian’ Showcase where brand founders and representatives interacted with media and influencer guests – an event which represented a passion and enthusiasm for sharing its beauty offer and for doing things differently to engage brands with customers.

“The way in which the blog comes together is a lovely collaboration of talent and experience across the group, from Angela Shepherd (Malouf Pharmacies Cosmetics and Fragrance Buyer and Category Manager), Jess Curtis (Malouf Pharmacies Gympie Cosmetics Consultant) as well as other experienced key Beauty and Health team members selected from the stores,” says Lisa. Malouf Pharmacies Marketing also works closely with local Brisbane Bloggers to compile featured posts of reviews and product testings as Guest Bloggers for a different angle on things for the community.

“Whether you are into luxury beauty, make up tutorials, hints and tips through to reviews or inspiration, the Malouf Pharmacies Beauty Blog is one I would recommend you check out and follow at"


About the bloggers


“I’m inspired by my love of all things shiny; the Bowerbird of the beauty world! I’m the kind of girl that wishes lipstick was a form of currency and wearing perfume was the law, not an option! Having a passion for the beauty industry has led me to be lucky enough to work at Malouf Pharmacies as a Cosmetic Consultant. I’m on a constant journey to cram as much into my brain about the always changing, exciting and shiny world that is ‘beauty’ and I look forward to sharing this journey with you!”


Angela is the Cosmetics and Fragrance Buyer and Category Manager for Malouf Pharmacies. She has been working in the industry for 29 years and due to all the eye cream she uses, has failed to age a day. Angela adores Fragrance and has been collecting fragrance for many years (currently at 260 bottles), and believes that fragrance has the ability to transport us and bring back wonderful memories. She is constantly amazed at the new and innovative launches and fragrances that come out each season, and loves sharing some of the exciting launches at Malouf Pharmacies with the blog subscribers. An inspiration quote from Angela - Christian Dior once said: “Long after one has forgotten what a woman wore, the memory of her perfume lingers”.



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