Australian NaturalCare (ANC) launched its new product, Collagen Plus Minerals, over breakfast at Ivy Sunroom.

Guests were invited to try smoothies made from the collagen supplement, boosted by a combination of minerals, before sitting down with Alexandra Nea for a personalised illustration.

Over breakfast Mark Mackenzie, General Manager at Australian NaturalCare, highlighted the company’s three main beliefs and the slogan ‘Live Well, Every Day’ that was so important to the brand.

“We are really excited about today’s launch as we have worked very hard for the past year to come  the marketplace with this great product, which is our marine collagen,” he said.

Mark then gave a history of the  brand.

“ANC started about 32 years ago in Byron Bay, by Barry  Schadel, who operated out of the back of his house in his garage,” he said.

“Barry  believed that great supplements and  great health  is about  what ingredients you put into your body – that’ s been our dream and our belief ever since he started the business.  Korean ginseng was one of the first products he brought to the marketplace. He believed great health should be available to Australian consumers, so he brought different ingredients into the marketplace.”

Mark said that “the  first pillar of the business was ingredients and what went into the product” and  “we still believe that today – great products come from great ingredients”.

“The second pillar Barry believed in was around manufacturing and TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration) manufacturing, that assures our consumers that we have great quality of our product and quality assurance is key,” he said.

“The third philosophy was around being connected to our consumers – from the very beginning we’ve always had our own call centre and our own naturopaths that work with our consumers – we work with over 100,000 Australian consumers today directly interfacing with them.”

Mark said the Collagen Plus Minerals formulation “is the best in the marketplace and we are taking this message to the world”.

Following Mark’s presentation, guests got the shock of their lives when the waiters spontaneously broke out into song, belting out some impressive opera tunes.

Images from the launch event below:

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