esprit Magazine Australia's Nicci Herrera and Andrea Ferrari

esprit Magazine Australia is the only authoritative, independent retail beauty business magazine communicating to everyone working in the industry: Through management across all brands, Beauty Advisors (BAs) and non-brand pharmacy BAs, store and pharmacy buyers in Asia Pacific.

esprit has a total focus on subjects and information that appeal to its readership who work in the retail beauty industry. In every issue 100 pages are devoted to profiles of local and international industry heavyweights, what’s trending now, marketing moves, issues affecting the industry, analysis & insights, staff training and strategies, brand profiles and the latest industry news, peer conversations and launches.

esprit print magazine is published quarterly and its value and reputation in helping the beauty industry keep up-to-date with relevant and trustworthy information, and increase the ability to make money, is unsurpassed.

With a print-run of around 6500 and an estimated readership of 24,800, esprit reaches some 4500 named Pharmacy Beauty Assistant readers many of whom have requested the magazine.


esprit Magazine Australia is a pivotal partner to influence store buyers and educate Beauty Advisors to promote and sell more products – to make each customer’s shopping experience more beauty-full!

“esprit is a great magazine for the Beauty Consultants to keep up to date with what is happening in the industry. I am a strong supporter of the magazine.”
Terry Little – Managing Director, The Estée Lauder Group of Companies ANZ

“I am delighted to congratulate you on what has become, for me, one of the three best beauty trade magazines in the world. Serious, each time I read your magazine, I think, ‘Andrea’s nailed it!’ You do and I admire you for creating so influential a publication.
Michael Edwards, Founder – Fragrances of the World and international perfumery authority and ambassador 


I am the proud Founder and Editor of esprit Magazine Australia. I set up this unique magazine in 2004 having created esprit in the UK in 1988. The retail beauty business – particularly in Australia – is my passion. It has been such a rewarding experience developing the magazine in Australia building a loyal and enthusiastic readership and growing the business.

I trained as a journalist at the London College of Fashion in the late 1970s where beauty was a strong component of the course. It led me to my first job, as a Junior Reporter for the trade magazine Hairdresser’s Journal where my on-the-job training and experience took me to international hairdressing shows, to round-Britain local salon visits, behind the scenes and photo sessions, interviews with the legendary fashion icons Mary Quant, Christian Lacroix, Paco Rabanne and Hubert de Givenchy along with the humdrum but fast paced vital desk and phone work required for a weekly news magazine. It honed my ability to look at information and ask myself “but what does it MEAN?” in order to create a story with real value for the reader. During this time I was part of the start-up team for the now renowned and internationally syndicated HAIR magazine – a consumer magazine full of hairdressing and beauty fashions.

A year as Editor of Beauty Counter exposed me to the importance of the pharmacy to our community. A trusted environment, it’s where expert advice is expected whether it’s for family health or for personal beauty.

It was from this role I moved on to establish my own business and create esprit Magazine exclusively for the retail beauty industry. Running my own publishing company in the cosmetic, skincare and fragrance area saw me working with creative and scientific entrepreneurs and corporate executives from junior to senior, from in-store to office-based. I have always loved my job and am inspired by those around me, both in business and generally by those I continue to meet along life’s amazing journey.


Celebrating our 15 years publishing esprit Magazine Australia (2004-2019) made me think…how did I, an English woman, single mum find myself sitting happily at the helm of my very own beloved magazine – esprit – in Australia, now in partnership with one of Australia’s leading independent publishing houses – The Intermedia Group – all those years after emigrating with the sole purpose of having a better life?

Maybe the seed was sown a few years earlier in London meeting Shelley Barrett, Founder of ModelCo and Natalie Bloom, Founder of Bloom Cosmetics. As Editor of esprit Magazine in the UK both Shelley and Natalie had met with me on their European trips. Both leapt on esprit Magazine UK and got stuck in to the pages saying “Oh I wish we had this in Australia.” “Haha!” quoth I, not giving it a second thought, until my brain had a percolate.

After masses of research and trillions of emails, eleven months later Team Ferrari landed in Sydney, set up home, kids in school and armed with my business proposal, I had Meeting No.1 as prospective founder of esprit Magazine Australia. January 28th 2004, 10am, Terry Little, the then GM Clinique Australia (now Managing Director of Estée Lauder Companies), an old friend/colleague from Clinique UK. By the time I met with Gavin Blackburn – Managing Director of Coty a couple of weeks later the beauty industry interest was keen and Gavin committed to booking the key advertising position – front & back covers, launching Kenneth Cole fragrance. When? July. OK July 2004 is our first issue.

With the first issue off the presses the readership numbers flourished; the industry associations got on board, beauty PRs became my keenest two-way connection, the interview and launch invitations began to flow in and I discovered juicy, interesting, exclusive content at my fingertips. Enthusiasm for esprit Magazine by my Australian audience and clients drove my passion for giving our readers the most interesting and relevant content.

A mix of content that you cannot get anywhere else. I am proud of our paper publication which you can flick through as you like, stick Post-Its to, fold the page corners, file for reference, read on the plane or in bed turning the pages this way and that…it’s a user-friendly format that doesn’t freeze and the battery doesn’t die on you. No disrespect to the formats that might have those traits! They give us choice.

Today esprit Magazine Australia is a media brand with quarterly print magazine, website and weekly newsletter, social media and events. Thanks to a partnership with The Intermedia Group, and our creation of the Percolate Media division, we have expertise and resources second to none in the trade magazine publishing world in Australia.

One of the most rewarding aspects of working on esprit Magazine Australia is the feedback we get from readers. We receive interesting and engaged comments and requests. I am known for impassioned words about my personal respect for the Beauty Advisors on counter. We reflect our understanding of the importance of their role in the product purchasing cycle when creating content. We are often rewarded with the warmest response that these frontline staff feel for ‘their’ magazine and the way esprit covers ‘their’ community. It’s what makes me get out of bed with a sparkle in my eye every morning.

To ensure we deliver what will interest and entertain our readers we ask them to always let us know what else we can do for them, to help them play their part in this wonderful world we call work.